Friday, August 13, 2010

Call of the Wildwood (everything else)

Julia and I have talked about the highlights of our Wildwood visit, but there are several other things worth mentioning too. I'll start out with the low point of the week: my trip to the Cape May urgent care center, where — big surprise! — I was diagnosed with another ear infection (I had been healthy for two whole months, which was definitely a record!). But let's move onto happier memories, like Lobster House in Cape May, where we ate several times.

Our walk from the hotel to the boardwalk led us past a playground, and sometimes we stopped and played there.

And while we visited the shops in Cape May, I played in the same fountain that Julia had fun with last year.

Julia and I had a habit of passing out in the stroller right around dinnertime.

Other times, I passed out in the car.

The last thing we did during our trip was go out with Babcia and Dido while Mom and Dad were packing up. Babcia, Julia and I fed the seagulls (mostly Julia and Babcia, since I kept running away from the seagulls).

Here's a video of the odds and ends from Wildwood that we didn't touch on earlier in the week:

And that's a wrap on our wonderful week in Wildwood. We had such a terrific time, but it was nice to finally get home. And I'm feeling much better now. See you next week!