Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Super bowl

Mom and Dad had a big treat for Henry and I this weekend: they took us bowling for the first time. When Mom had first suggested bowling a couple weeks ago, our response was to start crying. But we had no idea what we had been missing out on. First off, you get to wear these special shoes...

And then of course there's the actual bowling, which was so much fun. And I had a purple bowling ball!

Turns out I'm pretty good at bowling, especially when the lane has bumpers on both sides.. Yes, it takes the ball a long time to make it down the lane, but when it gets there, a lot of pins fall down. Henry had a great time too.

Here's a video of our bowling day.

We had such a blast, that we're already talking about going back very soon!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Forty and fabulous

Mom's birthday was last weekend, and Julia, Dad and I threw her a big birthday party to celebrate. We held it in El Penguin Room, a party room connected to one of our favorite restaurants, Tinga. Grandma and Grandpa came early to help us set up.

Lots of fun people were there, like Jonathan and Saffron and their parents.

And Audrey and Carl and their parents.

And Andrew and Lucie and their parents.

And Babcia and Dido, of course.

Mom had a lot of fun celebrating with her friends, like Ileana and Rachel.

Meanwhile, all of us kids got along really well.

As you can see above, Taryn was there with her baby brother, Owen.

When Owen had a dirty diaper, we all lined up to watch his diaper get changed.

After our meal, there were fun activities to keep us busy.

Then it was cupcake time. Yum!

We all sang "Happy Birthday" and "Mnohaya Lita" to Mom.

I also had fun acting silly.

Here's a brief video from the party:

Happy birthday, Mom! We love you!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Grammy sneak peek

The Grammy Awards are Sunday night, so I thought it was a perfect time to give you a preview of my new song that is sure to be a nominee at next year's show. It's called "Dance Dance Video" and features a special appearance by Henry. The song is still a work in progress (I think it turns into a Lady Gaga song at the end), as is the choreography, but take a look:

Dad's favorite lyric is "pull out the mat/pull out the mat/like a superstar!" What's yours?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

In the bag

Henry and I have had a couple birthdays to celebrate recently (neither of ours, unfortunately!). Last month was Dido's birthday.

Happy birthday, Dido! We celebrated with some delicious cupcakes.


Then last week we celebrated Dad's birthday. He had some yummy cake too:

As I said, Henry and I were disappointed that we didn't get any birthday gifts. But we still managed to have a blast with the big gift bag that Dad's one birthday gift came in. As you'll see, the sugar from the birthday cake had kicked in at this point, because we got crazy!

Woo, that was fun! And only three more months until our birthdays, hooray!