Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to Preschool

Now that Julia is in kindergarten, I have the whole preschool to myself! My first day was Sept. 10 and I was really excited to go back for my second year (last year I was in nursery school; this year I'm in preschool).

The whole family came for my first day. (In our new morning routine, I'll be dropped off first, and then Julia will be dropped off at kindergarten.)

Unlike at Julia's first day, there were no tears from me. I was raring to go!

Oh, K!

All summer I looked forward to starting kindergarten, and the big day finally arrived on Sept. 6. I was so excited! I put on my new backpack and was ready to set out.

Here I am in front of (actually in back of) my new school. It's so big! The whole family was on hand to wish me luck.

I got inside and got my nametag on (there's another Julia in class, so I'm Julia L.), while Henry headed right for the kitchen.

I'll admit, there were a few tears that first day, but I LOVED it, and every day since has been terrific and tear-free. I'm so grown up and I love being a kindergartener!