Friday, July 6, 2012

Aunt Paula's wedding

Four months after the fact, Henry and I wanted to finally share photos from Aunt Paula's March wedding to Uncle Bob. You know what's almost as fun as the wedding itself? Getting my hair and makeup done (it's one of the only occasions where I let people spend a lot of time working on my hair).

Look at all the bling in my hair, and my lipstick and nails!

Then it was time for the ceremony.

I was so excited to get to spend time with Uncle Ryan and Adrienne.

Henry made sure he had plenty to do so he didn't get bored during the ceremony.

Here's the happy couple after the wedding. Don't they look great? Congratulations guys!

Next up, it was time for the reception. Henry and I had a blast.

It was getting late, but we wanted to keep having fun, so we changed into our PJs and kept the party going!

Here's a video of all the fun we had that day!