Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Once upon a time there was a little girl who hated to have anything on her head, be it a hat, hood, cap or anything else. But no longer! Mom took me to get a bike helmet last week because she wants me to wear it whenever I'm on my tricycle, and anything else that has wheels (except for the stroller, of course). Not only was I okay with wearing it, I actually refused to take it off! So I kept it on in the car....

And on the playground with Dido...

And even while I was eating!

Mom was convinced that passerby would think I was a "special" child who needed protection everywhere I went. And you can imagine how sweaty and matted my hair was when I finally took the thing off!

I put it back on Sunday when Aunt Ileana visited with her family. Andrew and Lucie brought their scooters, so I wore it while I took a test drive (which I loved, by the way!). Here I am showing the helmet off again, and smartly foiling Uncle Jim's efforts to get me to support the dreaded Boston Red Sox!

Nice try, Uncle Jim! And one more thing before I forget, when I posted those photos of my Great-Grandma Emma, I forgot to include the photo that Aunt Jess took of Uncle Ryan and I in the car on the way back to the airport. It's really cute, so please take a quick peek at that blog post one more time.