Monday, June 15, 2009

The legend of Misty Hollow

I am shamefully overdue in talking about my super trip last with Bobbi and Dido to visit their friend Pauline, who has a farm in Pennsylvania called Misty Hollow. I had such a good time with all the animals, especially Ellie May the goat and Hockey the dog, that I didn't care if we ever came home. Every morning I'd run out to the barn on my own to visit with the animals. Take a look at these cute photos:

Here I am feeding Ellie May as Bobbi and Pauline watch.

And here I am petting Hockey.

I loved being with Hockey!

I enjoyed leaning my head on him too.

And I showed the love to Ellie May as well.

I also liked being with the two sheep: Mary and her baby Harvey.

Here's more love for Hockey...

Hockey wasn't the only dog on Pauline's farm. I also liked to pet Eddie (though I did love Hockey more!).

It was very sunny (not like the weather the past few weeks!), so Bobbi and Dido made sure I was protected from the sun.

How much fun did I have at Misty Hollow? Well, I've barely stopped talking about it since I came back. In fact, I told Mom over the weekend that I needed to pack my bag so I could go visit Pauline and Hockey. I hope Bobbi and Dido take the hint and bring me back soon!