Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Julia in bloom

It feels like it's rained every single day since Henry was born. So whenever the sun comes out, I try to make the most of my chance to go out and play. That's exactly what I did a week ago, when it was super-sunny. I sampled some of Mom's iced coffee...

And then, hopped up on sugar, I made a beeline for the backyard to smell the flowers. I looked like a beautiful flower myself: brightly-colored and in bloom!

Speaking of the rain and going outside, I ventured out with Dad over the weekend to a sidewalk sale at a toy store downtown, where I got my hand painted with a butterfly, just like I'd been talking about since I got a ladybug painted on my arm a couple months ago.

It started raining again 5 minutes after this photo was taken, so unfortunately the butterfly didn't last very long. But I've already decided about what I want painted on me the next time: a duck!